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course perimenopause postmenopause Jun 18, 2023

In midlife, we can find that our life landscape starts to shift. It may be that relationships are ending or beginning. Children may be flying the nest, parents start needing our care. Dealing with illness among family and friends becomes more common. We may have achieved much in our career but somehow we are feeling empty on the inside. Or we may be harbouring dreams of new ways of being, but can’t quite gather the courage to be that person, that true authentic self.

 Menopause is a key transition for midlife women, and we’ve been conditioned to fear it - to see it as an ending. But what if we saw it as a beginning instead? What if we could change our relationship with midlife so that it empowers us?

Our world is changing too, and this can make us feel powerless and scared. But what if we found ways to become more resilient, and to consciously contribute to making the world a better place? What if we were able to turn fear into compassion? Paralysis into action?

Soul Medicine for the Midlife Woman is a very special nine week programme to help the midlife woman cultivate a deeper way of being and show up in this changing world. It helps nurture our true and authentic self.

Over the nine weeks together we’ll draw on the wisdom of ancient mystics and renaissance philosophers, the healing power of nature and the menopause transition to birth ourselves into our midlife being. I’ve prepared weekly talks, meditations and guided visualisations, and self-directed exercises so we can get to the gold that lies within us. In addition to that content you will be invited to participate in couple of live Zoom sessions as well. These will be scheduled for midway and at the end of the programme.

Are you ready to come with me on this journey?

 Soul Medicine for the Midlife Woman.


Here is an overview of each week’s content:

WEEK 1                 Soul Medicine for the Midlife Woman

We lay the ground work to this transformational programme by starting with the stories we tell ourself about ourselves. This includes exploring the  the healing power of the 12th Century abbess and mystic, Hildegard of Bingen’s idea of vices and virtues as a way of helping to reset our own self-talk.


WEEK 2                 Microcosm of the Macrocosm

We look at the ancient concept of seeing ourselves as a 'microcosm of the macrocosm'.  This concept can help us look at our interior world and our relationship with the world around us, and then create beautiful ways of nurturing both.


WEEK 3                 Perimenopause as Liminal Space

This is powerful stuff! Experience another view of perimenopause; one that reframes symptoms as markers of transformation, and the whole perimenopause journey as a way of preparing for the power that comes after menopause.


WEEK 4                 Holding Space

Midlife brings with it tender and often difficult conversations as we find ourselves at that time of life where we may be having to step up for our elders, while also caring for children too. In this module we explore the art of compassionate communication to get equipped for those deeper conversations that come with this phase of life.


WEEK 5                 The Power of Ceremony

Ceremony, whether big or small, has the potential to help release things, make peace, mark special moments, acknowledge beginnings and endings. Whether on your own, or in company, discover ways to work with ceremony and ritual as a powerful tool for transformation.


WEEK 6                 Deepening Connection

Tapping into the healing power of nature can support us in so many ways. It can also help us make sense of our own life and find ways of nurturing our soul. In this module we find comfort and allies by developing connections with flora, fauna, landscape and seasons.


WEEK 7                 The Goddess Within

In midlife we can rebirth the goddess within and surround ourselves with the things that nourish our soul. We will explore how to work with goddess archetypes to help you flourish.


WEEK 8                 Beyond Menopause

After shedding our fertile years we can now welcome in the power of the time beyond menopause, The Wisdom Years. This is about seeing yourself as wise-woman and elder and stepping into your unique power. We explore this with reflection and sacred ceremony.


WEEK 9                 Into the World

We finish our journey through this offering by creating the space for you to reflect on who you are, the power you have, the dreams you can bring into being, the creativity you want to unlock and the love you want to make.  And then we mark it with ceremony to celebrate you out in the world.


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